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2022-2023 Calendar

The Filer School Board Board of Trustees approved the school calendar for the 2022-2023 school year.

The highlight include:

- First day for students - Monday, August 22
- First day for teachers - Wednesday, August 17
- Days off for the fair - Wednesday, August 31 - Tuesday, September 6
- Five day school weeks
- Early release on Fridays (all early release days will be the same time - no extra early release days)
- Four less student days (as compared to this year). These days are "converted" to three staff workdays and one additional paid holiday.
- Total teacher contract days remains the same as the current year (182)
- Last day for students is Friday, May 26 (before Memorial Day)
- Last day for teachers is Monday, May 30

A copy of the calendar is attached here.

The 2022-2023 calendar has mixed reviews: some people are happy with it and others are not. This was a very difficult decision for the board. They have been reviewing information presented to them this school year (along with last school year). The board took into consideration the staff vote; the staff and parent surveys from November; communication (emails, phone calls, etc.) from staff, students, and parents; research and journal articles, input from administrators, student achievement comparison data, the effects on classified staff and transportation; etc. Input from the staff (including the calendar vote) was one piece of information the board used in making its decision. The results of the surveys were received as input, not as the final result in which calendar would be chosen. This was just one piece of information the board used to make an informed decision to do what is best for the education of our students. With that being said, the board recognizes that our teachers feel overwhelmed and need more time. The board had approved giving teachers an extra hour on Friday; however, this doesn't give our students enough instructional hours to count it as a full day. There are 29 early release Fridays on the 2022-2023 school calendar. If you take an extra hour of time for teachers on that day, it would equate to 29 hours. This is roughly 4 days. These days are reflected in converting four student contact days into three additional staff workdays and one additional paid holiday. Please know the board is fully committed to finding ways to help meet the needs of our staff. They are also committed to meeting the needs of our students. The current task is to find a way to give teachers more time to plan while decreasing student instructional time as little as possible. I am confident we can brainstorm more ideas and find solutions. The best approach is for us to rise to the challenge and work through this together.

We appreciate your understanding.
Kelli Schroeder, FSD Superintendent
Julie Koyle, FSD Board Chair

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2021-2022 Transportation Request

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